Due to unprecedented bush fires deadline extended to February 29th -this is final

Award Categories and Criteria



For any individual in business including for example-farming, health, online businesses operating in Australia.



For any individual solicitor, barrister, QC, Magistrate, Judge or Justice

Medicine including Research


For any individual doctor, nurse, allied health practitioner, or medical researcher 




For any individual in sport

Community development and or Advocacy



For any individual in the not-for-profit volunteer community organisations, volounteer in emergency services and local councils

Government and Non-Government



 For any individual working in the public service, teacher, lecturer in a University, an architect, TAFE, or in Community and Adult Education. 




For any individual whose main occupation is in the visual, music and performing arts.

Writing, fiction or non-fiction, performing/journalism, including online



For any individual whose main occupation arises from one of these professions.

Human Rights



Presented to a person who demonstrates the most outstanding outcomes towards advancing the rights of people with a disability in Australia. The winner can be also selected from all award nominations in each state. 

Nomination Criteria


1. Nomination Process

Complete your nomination via the online Award Force nomination portal: https://aspire.awardsplatform.com . As a national award please understand that written nominations are not able to be accepted however the online registration process is not time limited, you take as long as you need on your nomination.

2. Who can nominate

An individual is not permitted to nominate himself or herself nor a family member. Nominations preferably are to be endorsed by an organisation; a person can nominate another outside their own organisation if the nomination is endorsed by two referees 

3. Confidential and Event Dates

Your responses should not include confidential information as the responses may be made publicly available should the nomination be shortlisted.  Before your nomination is submitted  please share with your colleague about the nomination and the date for the National event: 

National for all States: Friday April 24th 2020    

4. Your nominee

In your nomination please state how the nominee has contributed to their profession or to their community including volunteering, being a role model and their aspirational qualities. 

5. Provide supporting material

You may submit up to five relevant supporting materials with your nomination, such as portfolios and newspaper articles or links to internet sites. Please note these materials must be uploaded via the online nomination portal as prompted and cannot be accepted by any other means.

6. Communication

Receipt of all nominations will be acknowledged via an automatically generated email from Awards portal.

Please ensure you provide a correct email address on your nomination form. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 7 business days after submitting your nomination please notify the Awards Founder via email nominated on the awards nomination site. No responsibility will be taken for the nominee’s failure to acknowledge receipt of the confirmation email.

Nominations Open July 22nd 2019 and close December 24th 2019